Getting Celine Dion Tickets

It goes without stating that finding Celine Dion tickets can be tough as this program is hugely popular in Las Vegas. If you are searching for Celine Dion tickets close to the show date and/or in the center band or 1st mezzanine areas, the box office will usually have a restricted or no selection of tickets readily available. We offer Celine Dion tickets even when the program is sold out and in the very best places.


A New Day Show Review

The experience starts as quickly as you get in the theater. The Colosseum theater is magnificent. Especially constructed for this production, the theater holds 4,000 audience members, but boasts that no seat is more than 150 feet far from the stage. A combination of both modern and timeless styling, the theater frames the production wonderfully, as well as though the space is large and imposing, it never seems to lose a light-heartedness or a funny bone.

The mammoth LED screen at the back of the stage, upon which numerous of the beautiful aspects are forecasted, becomes and additional character of the manufacturing itself. It is used and used throughout the production for developing magical areas and locations, magnifying the action on phase, as well as for audience interaction. The variety of ways in which this display is used is always stunning and unexpected.

The foundation upon which all of this has been constructed, obviously, is Celine Dion. She brings her magic, her music, and her charm to the stage. Her voice is perfect, and her interaction with the audience is inspiring. She is a performer that seems energized by crowd, and the more the audience was with her, the more she appeared to offer. It is simple to see why this lady has actually ended up being such a big name in the musical world.

The group of artists and entertainers that surround Celine are extraordinary. They dance with accuracy and energy, and they drift and fly with unnatural capabilities. They keep the show grounded in a humanity and keep the show from being simply a technical display.

Supporting and backing up the production are the artists. They are rarely seen but constantly valued. The group is remarkable and very first rate … similar to everything else in this manufacturing. At their introduction, it is splendidly unusual to find that they had been in and amongst the manufacturing the entire time … just another instance of the magic of theater.

There are times, however, that there appears to be 2 separate productions going on. There is Celine Dion performing, and there is the production that is going on behind her. The two appear to only rarely interact, and you frequently need to select which reveal that you are going to watch.

The production is such that you don’t have to be a fan of Celine Dion to appreciate the show … but it certainly helps. The non-Celineophiles in the crowd could find the production laborious sometimes.

Everything about this show is outstanding, both technical and artistic. The artists, the professional dancers, the technicians, and of course the star, Celine Dion are all terrific, and they have actually created a display that redefines the “headliner” experience. The program simply recently opened, and we are currently mourning the truth that there is only a three-year agreement.

Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Las  Vegas, NV

Designed to resemble the Colosseum in Rome, the new 4,000 seat entertainment venue at Caesars Palace opened in 2003. The stage is approx. 22,000 square feet and no seat will be further than 120 feet from the stage.


This stunning location is the home of the Celine Dion program – A New Day. We sell Celine Dion tickets in all areas from the really front sections to the upper 2nd mezzanine – even when it’s sold out.